Electrify Europe’s multi-track conference programme is designed to create a strong narrative on the contemporary and anticipated developments and trends in the fast-integrating electricity industry as it experiences its digital transformation.

Electrify Europe provides the lens through which to examine the electricity sector’s rapidly expanding ecosystem in which economic ideas, technical solutions and political visions co-exist, co-operate, collaborate, and co-create to take the industry in Europe into a new and exciting future.



Track 1: Megatrends: Decarbonisation, Decentralisation and Digital Disruption

The power sector is undergoing some of the most daunting challenges in its history, including rapid decarbonisation, digitalisation and disruptive business models.

Suitable for: Senior business executives, business development strategy developers and technical planning executives, developers, financiers and investors.

Batt 1

Arena 1: Energy storage: A new paradigm

The projected growth of stored energy – whether at utility, grid or customer level – is is bringing with it huge opportunities, and fundamental structural implications.

 Developed for: Utilities, power generators, grid operators, energy communities, private households, commercial energy users and industrial power generators.



Realize your Vision

Attention Energy Startups, Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs, we are delighted to announce the launch of our 2018 Electrify Innovation Challenge. This is an opportunity for you to pitch your idea to an international audience of energy professionals at Electrify Europe who could help you in realizing your vision.

To find out more, please follow the link below:


Track 2: Re-inventing Conventional Power Generation

The dash to gas, thermal and alternative fuels is re-inventing power supply architecture and demand dynamic management and innovative grid management techniques.

Developed for: Utilities and industrial power generators, plant operators, engineers, equipment suppliers and developers.


Arena 2: Cyber attacks: How vulnerable are we?

Why you need a cybersecurity strategy. Here we explore the threats, the response strategies, the standards and regulations followed by a live Hackathon.

Suitable for: General management, plant operators, security managers, utilities, grid operators, engineers, ICT managers.



Drone Zone - Energy sector applications

Drones are being used in a diverse range of energy applications, site surveys, equipment inspections and combined with AI technology to spot faults on transmission lines.

Get close to the technology and see what application potential you can unlock.


Track 3: Big Data, big opportunity

The arrival of the Industrial Internet is re-writing energy economics. So how can we meet the challenge and derive value from vast sets of data that will be produced?

Suitable for: Data management operators and executives, engineers, data analysts, operations and maintenance managers.



Arena 3: Demand Side Response deep dive

We look in detail at Demand Side Response: the markets, the role of aggregators, operational experiences, and its integration into an energy management plan.

Developed for: DSR aggregators, industrial/commercial energy users, general management, energy managers, engineers, regulators and R&D.




Tech Hub

From early stage starts ups to disruptors entering the power market for the first time, The tech hub brings together new technologies and business models which are set to revolutionise the energy industry.


Track 4: Power generation – everything you know is wrong

New thinking and fresh business models are urgently required for the rise of distributed power generation and the management of legacy assets.

Suitable for: Utilities, power generators, energy communities, private power generation, engineers, financiers and investors.


Arena 4: What happens when eMobility goes mainstream?

The impact of electric vehicles and the wider electrification of public transport on the power industry is manageable – for now. But what happens when it’s the norm?

Suitable for: Automobile manufacturers, utilities, regulators, grid operators, consumers, commercial fleet operators, public transportation executives, large retailers.



Arena 5: Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain – Their role in our market

Both Artificial Intelligence and the Blockchain have arrived in the power market. So what are they, and what will be their unique impacts on our business structures?

Developed for: Utilities, general management, business executives, data analysts, engineers, ICT managers, grid operators, power asset managers.